JumpBox for the Drupal 6.x Content Management System

Ready to run Virtual Machine/Virtual Appliance for VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing
Application Version: Drupal 6.31
Open Source Project: Drupal
JumpBox Version: 1.8.3 (release notes)
Short Name: drupal6
OS Version: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Added: June 11, 2008
Updated: April 24, 2014
Download Size: 216 MB (system requirements)
Minimum VM RAM: 256 MB
Amazon EC2 AMI Available: Yes
OVF Available: Yes

Drupal 6.x (Drupal 6) is a content management system that allows you to publish, manage and organize a wide variety of website content. Create and manage community web portals, discussion sites, corporate websites, personal sites, intranet sites, even sites for social networking.

Drupal 6 is faster, more efficient, and feature rich than Drupal 5. Drupal 6 adds an improved user interface, enhanced security, workflows, OpenID, language support, and improved tools for developers. Unless you currently manage a Drupal 5 site that has features unavailable in Drupal 6, this latest version of Drupal is for you. (A JumpBox is also available for Drupal 5.x here.)

I downloaded and installed a JumpBox virtual appliance set up with the Drupal content management system. Parallels recognized the virtual machine. All I had to do was answer a few Drupal configuration questions, and the system was up and running.    Rob Griffiths - Macworld.com

Why use a JumpBox?
The JumpBox for the Drupal content management system saves you valuable deployment time. Traditional Drupal installations require access to a webserver and precise configuration of software like PHP and MySQL. Eliminate the possibility of time-consuming configuration steps derailing your project. The JumpBox for Drupal is pre-built and pre-configured; ready to deploy immediately. Quickly begin building your site using the content management system trusted by Harvard University, Forbes, Popular Science, and Amnesty International with the JumpBox for Drupal 6.

Drupal 6 benefits:

Easy setup up - Drupal's new installer guides you quickly through setup.

Drag and drop administration - Create and manage your site's menus easily. New drag and drop functionality lets you move content blocks via mouse to change the content on your pages.

Translations - Translate posts to foreign languages with this simple interface. Drupal can automatically choose a language for the interface based on URL, user setting, or browser preferences.

Actions and triggers - Create automatic actions such as sending customized e-mails when a post is created, or control how posts are published. Drupal's new feature available allows you to automate custom workflows for posts, users, comments and more with just a few clicks.

OpenID support - Retain your audience. OpenID allows visitors to sign in and become a member of your site much easier by using a single sign on, or digital identity across the internet.

CSS-only theming - Developers can define regions, dependencies and features with simple theme files without writing any code.

Polls, Teasers - Get to know your community. You can add polls and manage poll options with ease. Want to tease? Have a teaser or a separate summary for each post.

Forums - Create forums that allow visitors to engage. You can include polls, quiz forms and other content directly within your forums and allow trusted visitors to become moderators by granting forum moderator rights.

Anonymous commenting, E-mail notification - Automatically fill in contact details in comments for visitors. Automatically notify administrators via email when users are approved, blocked, or deleted.

Sticky table headers - Do you like to know what you're looking at? Sticky table headings scroll with you automatically as you move down the page.

Custom date formats, Signatures - Control how dates are presented. Impress your audience with user signatures that are now optional and can be themed as well.

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What is a JumpBox?

A JumpBox makes using server software quick and simple. It packages an application's software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual computer that enables you to focus on the application, not the details of getting the application to run.

To learn more about the benefits of JumpBox based infrastructure:

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