JumpBox for Gallery Photo Management

Ready to run Virtual Machine/Virtual Appliance for VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing
Application Version: Gallery 2.3.2
Open Source Project: Gallery
JumpBox Version: 1.8.2 (release notes)
Short Name: gallery
OS Version: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Added: December 22, 2008
Updated: October 08, 2013
Download Size: 243 MB (system requirements)
Minimum VM RAM: 256 MB
Amazon EC2 AMI Available: Yes
OVF Available: Yes

Gallery helps you manage and integrate photos with your website. Create unlimited photo albums then store and share them easily using features such RSS, commenting, and email notification. The JumpBox for Gallery helps you get started managing your photos and movies in minutes.

Gallery enables management and publication of digital photographs and other media. Its open source design provides a full feature set that makes managing your digital images easy. For instance, Gallery allows you to save time by uploading materials via ZIP files or forms and can automatically retrieve web page images given the web page URL. Gallery even provides photo manipulation features including automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, and flipping.

Why a JumpBox?

Gallery requires PHP and an image processing library such as ImageMagick or NetPBM. Save hours and skip the frustration of installing, configuring, and managing dependencies. A JumpBox deploys in minutes.

Gallery - Features and benefits

Accounts/Permissions - Need help managing your images? The Gallery administrator can create other users and administrators and grant full or album specific access, administration, and permissions. Users can create and maintain their own albums on a per-album basis, can self-register and can sign up for e-mail notification

Albums - Group your pictures and movies into albums that are customizable and flexible. Photo albums can be organized hierarchically, can be collaboratively managed, or kept private. Albums feature configurable thumbnails as well as polling, editing, and watermarking.

Photos - Of course you can add photos, but gallery gives you many ways to do it including uploading via zip file, even automatic retrieval from the web. You can edit images as well, Gallery features image resizing, rotation, ordering, and captioning, and automatic thumbnail creation.

Mirroring Album - Limited bandwidth? Gallery lets you mirror your albums and server images on as many remote servers as you like, you can serve high resolution web images from there.

Connecting - Gallery Remote enables easy collaboration. For instance, your audience can automatically receive an RSS feed of your Gallery and updates to it. Gallery enables further collaboration with Gallery Remote, a java program that allows your users to upload photos to your Gallery via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Customizing - Customize the design of your Gallery using cascading style sheets. You can create your own design, or set up quickly using one of the many Gallery themes a available.

EXIF - Gallery can read and log the information embedded in the EXIF headers of jpegs. With information such as date and time, camera settings, camera model and make and more, you'll know just how each image was created.

Commenting - Your visitors can engage with your site through pictures and other visitors can view them.

Polling - Engage your audience. Gallery lets you include polls allowing your visitors to vote on every image.

What is a JumpBox?

A JumpBox makes using server software quick and simple. It packages an application's software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual computer that enables you to focus on the application, not the details of getting the application to run.

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