JumpBox for the MediaWiki Wiki System

Ready to run Virtual Machine/Virtual Appliance for VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing
Application Version: MediaWiki 1.22.6
Open Source Project: MediaWiki
JumpBox Version: 1.8.9 (release notes)
Short Name: mediawiki
OS Version: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Added: July 13, 2007
Updated: May 22, 2014
Download Size: 250 MB (system requirements)
Minimum VM RAM: 256 MB
Amazon EC2 AMI Available: Yes
OVF Available: Yes

MediaWiki is a Wiki application that allows you to write, edit, manage, store, and organize knowledge collaboratively. Create and edit content collaboratively, search and retrieve information effortlessly. The JumpBox for MediaWiki provides you with the world's most popular wiki platform.

Wikipedia.org is perhaps the most well known organization to use MediaWiki. However, thousands of other websites use MediaWiki to manage their knowledge collaboratively including Novell, ISA Telematics GmbH, and Intel. MediaWiki is a breeze to use, simply click the 'edit page tab' at the top of the page, make changes, and click save. MediaWiki provides page history, page revisions, and change summaries, you will always know what changes have been made and by whom. MediaWiki's rich feature set delights, yet its open source design allows even more functionality to satisfy your needs. For instance, authors can use templates, or dynamic lists, mathematicians can insert mathematical formulas and graphical time lines, and musicians can insert musical scores. MediaWiki's most appreciated functionality may be its support for images. With MediaWiki you can create vibrant image galleries with unparalleled ease. MediaWiki allows you to collaborate and manage knowledge, the JumpBox for MediaWiki provides you the world's most popular wiki platform quickly.

Why a JumpBox?
MediaWiki requires local or command line access to a web server, such as Apache, and precise configurations of specific versions of PHP and MySQL to run properly. Save time fighting software dependencies. A JumpBox includes everything MediaWiki needs, allowing you to start editing your wiki in minutes.

MediaWiki - Here are just a few benefits you'll receive:

Customizable look and feel - Choose from available skins, create new skins, and configure skins to fit your style. Generate printable versions of articles, enable auto-numbered headings, and more.

Editing tracking - Stay in tune with changing information by tracking the changes on the articles you are interested in. Also, track user contributions, witness article history, see related changes, and view the differences side by side.

Configurable structures and syntax - Allow full use of HTML, use parenthetical hiding to clarify meaning, link to individual sections of an article, and assign multiple categories to any page as you wish.

Editing - Edit individual sections or whole articles, preview your edits, and see edit summaries.

Multilingual Support - MediaWiki supports over 130 languages, use it world-wide.

Configurable Permissions - Assign different edit rights to different users.

Search - Search full text, query back links, and special report pages such as orphaned articles, site statistics, and pages by title.

What is a JumpBox?

A JumpBox makes using server software quick and simple. It packages an application's software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual computer that enables you to focus on the application, not the details of getting the application to run.

To learn more about the benefits of JumpBox based infrastructure:

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MediaWiki Screenshots

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