JumpBox Enables Open Source Web Application Deployment Without Hardware; Releases 38 JumpBox Virtual Appliances for Amazon EC2

Look ma, no hardware. Twelve applications are available as free public AMIs, JumpBox customers can deploy all 38 virtual appliances.

Tempe, Ariz. December 17, 2008 -- JumpBox, publisher of virtual appliances which provide the easiest way to trial, develop, and deploy applications, today announced the release of 38 Open Source applications to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. The release enables server application deployment, configuration, and management almost completely independent of any user hardware.

Organizations have long sought to empower themselves with software that enhances productivity," says Kimbro Staken, CEO, JumpBox. "JumpBox now offers the ability to do so without procuring hardware, or downloading any software at all."

JumpBox offers small to mid-sized organizations a library of Open Source applications packaged as pre-built, pre-configured virtual appliances through JumpBox Open, its annual subscription service. Public Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for twelve JumpBox applications, including Ruby on Rails, Drupal, SugarCRM and more have been made available for free. AMIs for the full suite of 38 applications are available to plus and premium subscribers to JumpBox Open.

"The combination of JumpBox and EC2 signals a new era of agility and flexibility for virtualized organizations," says Staken. "Imagine enabling better customer service almost instantly with SugarCRM or deploying a Ruby on Rails application for testing in minutes. EC2 provides cost effective, scalable computing power; JumpBox provides the application packaged for instant deployment."

A JumpBox packages an application's software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual application that deploys in minutes locally, or hosted to major computing, virtualization, and cloud computing platforms. Among other enhanced features, a JumpBox provides an intuitive user interface to quickly guide users through deployment, a web-based control panel for simplified management of system functions, and a backup system that enables data security and portability.

About JumpBox
JumpBox simplifies server software deployment by publishing pre-built, pre-configured software applications for virtual computing. A "JumpBox" deploys in three minutes, saving your organization up to 70% of the time and cost associated with deploying traditional server software. More than 20,000 JumpBoxes are in use worldwide. JumpBox Open is a subscription suite of productivity enhancing virtual computing applications for IT infrastructure, content management, collaboration, project management, and more. For more information, visit JumpBox on the web at http://www.jumpbox.com.

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