Alfresco Jumpbox restoration problem


I download and install 2 day ago on a vmware esxi 4, the jumpbox appliance with alfresco.

I set up the automatic backup to my NAS. Backup seems to work fine. Today I made a lot of change in the located in the opt/alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes folder.

I had, after this modification, problem to reach my alfresco application. After few minutes I decided to restore my jumpbox to the state of yesterday. So theorytically since I didn't modify the file yesterday the "bad file" must be restore with the "clean file" of the backup.

I was wonder because it was not the case. Dirty conf file of alfresco was not overwritten by clean file of the backup.

I decide to take a look to this backup files and see that the only folder which was backup in the alfresco was virtual-tomcat folder.

My question is were are the other files and folders ans how can I restore my jumpbox completely to the state of the backup??

Thank's for your answers

Alfresco Jumpbox restoration problem

Make sure you restore your JumpBox backup to a fresh JumpBox. Restoring on top of a modified JumpBox may not undo all of the changes you have made.


Have you read

Have you read ? Although I may have misunderstood your problem and have not booted an Alfresco yet to check on details. Afresco (being Java) does have things in other places than /var/data/APP_NAME like most of our applications. Perhaps we should add to the backup, or there may be a bug. Let us know what you think. Best wishes,