Jumpbox too large for production will not allocate memory cant restore a machine.

When is jump box to large.

I have a 30 Gb moodledata directory running 1.9. I have ample space and memory allocated. I have increased the size of the moodle drive to 160 Gb using a linux live CD. I have not this many time in the past without issues. I have allocated 4 Gb of memory to machine, I most I can allocate to 32 bit hardware.

When running free -M it is using 90% of the free memory.
when running top on the box most of the CPU is max out. I have even gone as far as adding a second virtual CPU.

The back up process it self complets on the machine being backed up. As I see completed file in the /jumpbox/app.../backup folder. I can also download this backup if I choose download backup.

The process hangs on importing the backup to the new machine.

Could something being damaged in the backup.

When I created the machine it never really completed the restore I could use the moodle 2.1 server but I never got a complete on the restore process.

What all could be causing the issue.

Does jumpbox just not something to use after a certain size of machine is created.


Break down questions:

Does jumpbox and the backup/restore process have a practical limit.
- if the jump box is too large should we stop using JB
- should backup store work on anysize backup.

What are the causes of failed to allocate memory.
IF I have given it as much resources as I have what can do I do have it complete.


You may want to read the faq

You may want to read the faq entry on backup limitations. http://wiki.jumpbox.com/doc/runtime/faq/backup_limitations

It says, in part, "For users who have added large amounts of data to their JumpBoxes, our backup tool may be inadequate." For 30Gb of data, it may be appropriate to consider other backup methods.


ok that is fine

but how to we upgrade the machine.

It would be nice to the backup would let me ignore the area were my files are located so I could rysync these over myself.

my method was (still dont know it it will work) was to remove the area were my files were located do a backup and sync them over.

I hit a road block on my old machine as I could not install rync(no app-get)