Using Jumpbox with an existing Wiki

I am currently running Mediawiki v1.10 and am interested in migrating to Jumpbox.

However, there is no point in registering if Jumpbox can't accomplish what I need. So a couple of questions:

1. How do I migrate to the Jumpbox appliance from my current Mediawiki installation? (i.e. can I ftp my current images, localsettings.php, etc to the Mediawiki jumpbox and also restore the mySQL database, which is about 110 Mb?)

3. Will Jumpbox allow me to install the extensions that I have developed (for embedded video and audio)?

I posted this previously under another topic about 3 weeks ago but did not receive a response. Does anyone have an answer to my question or is this a type of installation that Jumpbox was not meant to handle (which could be why I never received a response)?


Hello Taxee, Sorry about

Hello Taxee,
Sorry about missing your original post. Once you register a JumpBox you can enable shell access (as outlined here: and then you can do whatever you need. So yeah, you should be able to dump the DB and copy that dump and your files directory to the JumpBox. As long as all of the thirdparty plugins you want to use run with MediaWiki 1.10 you should be OK. The biggest issue with migrating into a JumpBox (other than it requiring you to have some Linux skills, which not all of our customers have) is compatibility of modules or plugins with the application version on the JumpBox.

One word of caution, since you mentioned audio and video files. The JumpBox only has about 850MB of space on the data partition. If you expect to grow beyond this, you might make a new larger disk (growable even) and replace the /var partition with it. Its up to you.

Let me know if you have any more questions.