JumpBox Releases New Line of Virtual Appliances for Virtual Iron Server Virtualization Platform

Tempe, AZ November 7, 2007 -- JumpBox, Inc. (www.jumpbox.com), an innovative provider of virtual appliances, today announced the public release of its JumpBox line of server applications for Virtual Iron Software's server virtualization platform. The new appliances allow users to deploy open-source, server-based applications on Virtual Iron environments in a fraction of the time it would normally take them. JumpBoxes for Virtual Iron are available immediately for download at http://www.jumpbox.com/product

JumpBoxes allow for quick and simple deployment of Open Source server-based applications. The JumpBox platform bundles the entire application stack into a turn-key, pre-configured unit that runs on top of virtualization software such as Virtual Iron. Where typical deployment of a server-based application would take a technician several hours or even days, a JumpBox takes just minutes.

"JumpBox makes the installation of Open Source server software simple enough that anyone can do it," said Kimbro Staken, Co-founder and CEO of JumpBox. "Want a wiki for a small team? Or a CRM system for your sales force? With JumpBox, Virtual Iron users can have one running in minutes. Similar benefits can be had for content management, project management and blogging applications."

The JumpBox library currently contains virtual appliances for a number of popular Open Source applications, the list includes: Drupal, Joomla!, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PunBB, Wordpress, SugarCRM, TWiki and Trac/Subversion. Deployment is quick and requires minimal technical skill. Value-added features such as automated backups and a consistent web based control panel also simplify usage for users. By facilitating faster deployment, lower costs and overhead and fewer headaches, JumpBoxes let people focus on their jobs, not worrying about getting software to work properly.

"Virtual Iron is dedicated to delivering all the benefits of enterprise-class server virtualization without the complexity and cost," said Chris Barclay, director of product management at Virtual Iron. "The JumpBox line of virtual appliances for Virtual Iron furthers this goal by helping our users quickly and easily deploy server-based applications."

Please join us for a Webinar to hear more about virtual appliances on December 12. Sign up at https://virtualiron.webex.com/ec0600l/eventcenter/enroll/join.do?confViewID=288184017&confId=288184017&siteurl=virtualiron&path=program_detail&theAction=detail

About Virtual Iron Software, Inc.

Virtual Iron provides enterprise-class server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management software that enables organizations of all sizes to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of managing and operating their data centers. The software includes advanced capabilities that leverage industry standards, open source economics and built-in hardware-assisted acceleration and is available at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives. The software is available exclusively through Virtual Iron's Channel One partner network. Evaluation copies are available for free download at http://www.virtualiron.com/free For more information, visit http://www.virtualiron.com or email info@virtualiron.com.

About JumpBox Inc.

JumpBox was founded in 2006 with the goal of making the deployment and management of server software dramatically easier. The company's JumpBoxes are virtual appliances that make this goal a reality. JumpBoxes are simple to deploy, easy to manage and support a wide variety of virtualization platforms. JumpBox is based in Tempe, AZ. For more information, visit http://www.jumpbox.com or email info(at)jumpbox.com

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