Powered by JumpBox helps Independent Software Vendors sell web applications.

You are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with a great web application that solves a key problem for customers. You need to sell. Getting a working product into your customers' hands provides the best opportunity to close a sale but given the technical expertise and time required a significant portion of your prospects never get that chance. The Powered by JumpBox service transforms your web application into a "JumpBox," a virtual computing application that deploys to virtual platforms in minutes and enables you to close more sales.

Turn prospects into customers by eliminating the friction of deploying server software.
Your JumpBox is ready to deploy out of the box - no code to install, no modules to configure. In less than three minutes customers will deploy your application and begin realizing its value.

Deliver a superior customer experience. A JumpBox features an intuitive user interface to quickly guide users through deployment as well as a web-based control panel to simplify maintenance tasks. It's also available as a white label solution that allows you to retain brand dominance with your customers.

Sell to new markets. JumpBoxes are production-ready enabling ISVs to increase top line growth by offering virtual appliance solutions.

Gain competitive advantage. While your competitor burdens the customer with managing software dependencies, your "Powered by JumpBox" application will provide a painless experience that differentiates your application.

Sell to major platforms. A JumpBox operates on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as virtual computing platforms such as VMWare, and XenOpen Source, Parallels, Virtual Iron, and Microsoft virtualization.

Lower your support costs. In general most support requests are related to installation issues. Powered by JumpBox applications deliver significant savings in installation support costs due to the ease of deployment.

Sell via the desktop and the cloud. A JumpBox can deploy either locally or hosted. Locally, non-technical users can deploy to their desktops free of security concerns. They'll become your advocates to IT. Deployability into the cloud lets you leverage the SaaS model to demo and deliver your application without the expense of infrastructure or application redesign.

Get to market faster. Do-it-yourself options for creating installers and virtual machines consume internal resources and yield a sub-optimal end user experience. Powered by JumpBox is a proven solution that saves you the cost of developing your own virtual appliance and gives you a finely-tuned product in weeks rather than months.

Use a proven solution. Over 20,000 JumpBoxes are in use right now worldwide. Unlike competitive solutions, your Powered by Jumpbox application is backed with our support. As a “VMware Ready" developer, JumpBox's development process meets the quality standards of the largest virtual appliance certification authority in the world.

JumpBox simplifies software deployment with pre-built, pre-configured software applications for virtual computing.

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