JumpBox Support

This is the place to start when you need help.


The JumpBox Wiki contains a great deal of documentation, FAQs and details about how JumpBoxes are configured.

Discussion Forums

The JumpBox forums are monitored by helpful community members and JumpBox engineers.

Priority Support

If you are a JumpBox customer and run into issues, our technical support team is here to help. Support is provided on a per incident basis and priority support incidents are bundled with some subscription tiers (Gold, Plus and Premium). If your plan does not include bundled support incidents they can be purchased for $150 per incident. If during the support process the issue is determined to be a bug in the JumpBox a support incident will not be consumed and a purchased incident will be refunded.

Support can assist with issues related to the JumpBox runtime and the application integration with that runtime. Unfortunately, since we have more than 50 applications we are not able to assist with detailed application usage questions or issues.

To begin the support process send an email to support@jumpbox.com with information about your account and the issue you need assistance with. Also, please include the name and version of the JumpBox in question.

Priority support is available M-F 10-5PM MST.